Medium Duty Towing

At Delta Towing Company, we offer a medium towing choice. It can haul loads that are much heavier than what a light service can pull.

The medium tow truck is just as controllable as the light tow truck. This allows the towing vessel to get into tight spots. We all know that sometimes the situations that our vehicles get in to are not always the most convenient – but that not an issue for us! We will get in and get YOU out.

Medium tow trucks will haul any mid-range vehicle like theme park shuttles, Class C motorhomes, or package delivery trucks, for instance. If you think of the not too small or not too large vehicles. That is the type of vehicles medium towing services haul.

We also provide help on the road for commercial trucks if they happen to break down on their route. We will transport your truck to the nearest repair shop or location of your choosing. We want you up and running that way you won’t lose out on any of your day’s earnings just because you are momentarily out of order.

Touch base with us ASAP. We want to help you in any way we can.

(604) 670-4824

669 Derwent Way, Delta, BC. V3M 5P7

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