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Whenever you need towing services, we are the company you should call. We are easy to contact and always respond to your calls. You can also contact us through the contact form or via email. We are very easy to reach and friendly to people that contact us.

Our team is professional, caring and dedicated to understanding everything you have to say when you are stressed out or even afraid for your safety. When you call us we will ask for any relevant information we might need to deliver the most effective and personalized service that you need.

How About Our Response Time?

It is the best in the region. First we respond immediately to emails and contact forms. We do not give automated responses to our customers so you can be sure that every response you get is from a member of our team. Your calls will always be answered also when you call. This has helped us lower the time it takes us to get to the customer.

The other thing is showing up at the scene. We ensure that we show up in the least time possible. Our tow truck delta operators are acquainted with the region and know which routes to use at what time to avoid traffic. We will therefore show up quickly at the scene and get you moving again or out of trouble.

Want towing services? Contact us today through your most preferred method and we will respond ASAP.

(604) 670-4824

669 Derwent Way, Delta, BC. V3M 5P7

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