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At Delta Towing Company, we are pros at scrap car removal. Perhaps your parents have a beat up van in their backyard. There is moss growing on it. It has this weird odor coming from the back seat. It’s time to put that baby to rest. Contact us and we can walk you through the process. We love to make things easy for our clients. When your parents are ready to let go of the clunker from the 1970’s – call us.

Don’t worry – we make the process easy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Call our headquarters and speak with our informed reps.
  2. Inform them of the year, make and model of your vehicle.
  3. We come to your location and tow your car away for FREE.
  4. You get your payment on the same day.

Not ready to call because you are too busy? We do scrap jobs daily. Even on the weekends. Whatever time is best you – then it’s convenient for us too. We are always on time and you never have to postpone any other appointments for us. We are excited to take your scrap off your list of to-do’s.

We at Delta Towing Company are environmentally responsive. We think about the earth when we are disposing of the old fluids in the vehicle as well as when we are printing on our eco-friendly paper. Come visit our offices and you will be presently surprised.

(604) 670-4824

669 Derwent Way, Delta, BC. V3M 5P7

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